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Let me start out by saying that after 24 years of making and selling these beautiful slate stone flower vases, we are finally retiring from the slate stone flower vase business.  However, we do have quite a few left on hand, so please do not hesitate to contact us while the supply lasts.  I will continue to have them at the various craft boutiques I'm in throughout southern California until I run out.
Note:   There are still vases left. Check the schedule for craft boutiques the vases will be at.
Our unique hand-crafted vases are perfect for creating easy and pleasing floral arrangements.

This simple stone vase is handcrafted out of a solid piece of slate.  Slate is a sedimentary stone and is estimated to be over 150 million years old. 
Each piece is one of a kind, and will vary slightly in size, color and weight.
The color of the stone is natural and has been treated with a stone sealer.  It is recommended that you wipe the vase with a damp cloth from time to time to keep it looking its best.
This slate stone vase is designed for simple arrangements with few flowers. You can create a unique arrangement almost effortlessly.

How they work...

These hand-sculpted slate stone vases have a hole in the center with a reservoir for water and a pin frog for holding your flowers and foliage.

Fill vase from top with water.  Push stems of flowers onto metal pins and arrange as you like. You may insert as many flowers as will fit onto the pins, if you wish. However, a simple, elegant arrangement may consist of one flower, or three flowers cut at three different heights, adding some leaves or other foliage.
Water frequently, every few days for one flower, or every day for a larger arrangement, depending on the size of the bowl. Remember that the flowers will last a bit longer in the slate vase than in a regular vase, as the pins are opening up the stems allowing them to easily absorb the water.
Besides fresh flowers,  you may use budding branches, succulents, or even silk or dried flowers.

Slate Vases are available in a variety of natural colors and sizes

Our Slate Stone Vases are handcrafted in Santa Barbara, California.

This is a local Santa Barbara family operation.
Pam seals and waterproofs the vases, and sells them online and at area craft shows.
Pam and her son Ron
design the beautiful vases from a solid piece of slate into different shapes and sizes. As the different layers are exposed they reveal a variety of colors, making each vase one-of-a-kind. Ron assembles the vases and prepares them for Pam to complete.
Pam's brother, Scott, grows the flowers to provide in the displays and for arrangements for customers. Sisters, cousins, and nieces also help out at the crafts shows, as our booth tends to be quite busy at times. We enjoy and appreciate our many customers, and thank you all for your continued support.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Thank you, Pam and Ron