Ordering Information


Ordering Information

Prices range from $16.00 to $40.00
$16.00 and $17.00 vases have a small container
(approximately 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches wide) with pin frog to hold the flowers
$18.00 to $29.00 vases have a medium container
(approximately 3 1/8 inches to 4 inches wide) with pin frog to hold the flowers
$30.00 to  $40.00 vases have a larger container, about  5 inches wide 
with pin frog to hold the flowers
(Shapes and sizes of containers to hold water & pin frog vary)
ANNOUNCEMENT 7/12/2017: After 24 years, we are retiring from making these slate stone flower vases, so the slate vases that are available are the ones we have on-hand only.  Please do not hesitate to email us to see if we have something left that you might want.  Check the schedule to see where we will be at a craft boutique in the So. Calif. area.  Thank you to all of my customers over the years!
SIZES - slate
Sizes range from approximately
4  inches X 5 inches
12 inches X 12 inches
(and everywhere in between)
Colors are natural and vary from solid color to mixed colors.  When ordering you can specify browns, greys, multi, dark or light, and we will try to accomodate as best as possible.  Since we are retiring, however, it will be only what color and sizes we have on hand.
To order one or more SLATE STONE VASES
e-mail us at:  SlateStoneVases@gmail.com
1. Specify a color (or let us pick one for you).  (since we are retiring from the slate stone vase business, it will be only the vases and colors we have on hand)
2. Pick a price range
3. Include your billing address and shipping address (if different than billing address).
We will then pick out your vase(s), package them for shipping, weigh them, and e-mail
you back with the exact shipping fee, either by U.S. Priority Mail, or U.S. Parcel Post, or U.P.S., along with payment instructions.
A small handling fee of $2.00 will be charged.  For the time being we chose not to have a fixed rate for shipping with the intention of saving you money on the shipping fees.
At this time, we do not ship internationally, except to Canada.
Checks or Money Orders Accepted.

Pam will be available to assist you with your orders.
Email: SlateStoneVases @ Gmail.com

These vases are wonderful for gift-giving.  Great for home or office, desks or dining tables.
Please feel free to inquire about certain colors or sizes.

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